Families of Addicts (FOA) Rally for Recovery 8.26.2018 - Dayton, Ohio by Jeremy Mudd

I shoot a few charity events every year as a way to give back, in addition to the money I donate to various causes. While money always helps, the act of volunteering is often invaluable to smaller organizations. This year was the first year I’ve shot the FOA Rally for Recovery at Courthouse Square in Dayton, Ohio. If you’ve never heard of FOA, check them out at http://www.foafamilies.org/. They are a great non-profit organization that is an important resource for addicts and their families in the greater Dayton, Ohio area.

There are two things the photos don’t show: 1. Just how upbeat and helpful everyone was. Yes there was a lot of sorrow and talk of lost love ones, but the outpouring of help and caring was evident. 2. It was hot as all heck out there. I was melting, along with most of the other attendees. Thankfully the event organizers did a great job of assigning folks to walk around with wagons of bottled water. That was a life saver.

Also, I want to give kudos to the organizers for issuing press badges and ID’s to the photographers in attendance. It makes a world of difference when people see that you are “official” and not just some creeper there with a camera. I wish more events would do this.

Shout out to Andy Grimm (@mr_grimmisregret) for allowing me to help, and to Andrea (@ruff_creek_photography) and Doug (@doug.brand) from the Dayton Photography Group who were also there volunteering their time to shoot the event.