Shrek the Musical / by Jeremy Mudd

On Thursday, July 26th I shot the Madison County Arts Council’s stage rehearsal of “Shrek the Musical” at London High School. For those of you who have seen the movie, the plotline is fairly similar. The show was a lot of fun and once again I was proven wrong --- animated movies do make great musicals! I know, I know………look at the Lion King and countless other productions. I also say that I don’t like fruit on my salads, but when I do have fruit on my salads I always like it. :) The set, wardrobe, and acting was first-rate!

As usual I had Renee with me as my second shooter. I shot with a Nikon D500, a D750, and Renee had a D3. Lighting was difficult for this show as it was darker than some of the other recent musicals that I’ve shot. Many of the shots were at 6400 and greater ISO but as usual modern cameras do a great job at such high ISO.

This time the cast wanted their group shot BEFORE the production, which to me was not the norm but in retrospect it was a brilliant idea as everyone’s make-up and wardrobe looked fresh and pristine. I will probably see if this is an option for productions I shoot in the future versus trying to corral everyone after the production….

Kudos to the entire cast for doing such a great job! I was super entertained and really enjoyed the show. To me it’s a sign of a great show when I forget that I am there to work and just have a great time while shooting.

For more on the Madison County Arts Council, please visit their facebook page:

Below are a few shots from the performance, enjoy!

The entire cast of Shrek the Musical

Shrek and Donkey on the way to Duloc


Donkey having a moment

Fiona and the Mice

Donkey in the Groove


Donkey and the Dragon