Autumn in Ohio - 2018 Edition / by Jeremy Mudd

Autumn seemed to get off to a late start this year – due to the weather being warmer and wetter this summer the change of colors seemed to be about 2-3 weeks later than normal in Southwestern Ohio. In fact, I was concerned that there wouldn’t be much color at all this year. Thankfully, I was wrong.

No fall would be complete without a visit to Tom’s Pumpkin Farm and Corn Maze to pick up Fall gourds. My two favorite girls enjoying the maze on a hot autumn day.

Mamiya 645 Pro with Kodak Portra 400 film

The next weekend I made a trip South to the Cincinnati area to shoot, and the leaves were just starting to change at Sharon Woods. Still, there was more color in the downed leaves than there was on the trees.

Mamiya RB67 ProS with Kodak Ektar Film

The following weekend found me travelling North to Lake Erie to shoot the Fairport Harbor Breakwater Lighthouse. As usual, the weather was rough – but it made for some exciting imagery.

fuji GX617 with Fuji Pro 400H film

While I was in the area I stopped to shoot Painesville Falls in Painesville, Ohio. The colors in Northern Ohio were in full swing!

Mamiya RB67 ProS with Kodak Ektar film

Last fall, Renee and I participated in the Haunted Springfield Ghost Tours and had a great time! This year I was hired to shoot the walks which made for a fun experience – although I have to admit it was difficult to listen to the stories when I was trying to get the shot.

Nikon D500

Nikon D750

Finally, the colors in our area were beginning to get into full swing. One of the Gum Tree leaves in my back yard – shot on an old Soviet cold-war era Helios lens for some crazy bokeh.

Nikon D750 with 58mm Helios M44-2 lens

The same weekend I hiked at Caesar Creek and wasn’t disappointed. Such a crisp, beautiful fall day!

Mamiya RB67 ProS on Ektar film

This time of year oten finds me in our two local cemeteries; Calvary and Woodland. The fall colors are fantastic and I love the peace and quiet.

Mamiya 645 Pro with Fuji Pro 400H film

Mamiya 645 Pro with Fuji Pro 400H film

Mamiya 645 Pro with Fuji Pro 400H film

Fuji GX617 with Fuji Pro 400H film

I went for a hike the next weekend with my big GX617 at Possum Creek Metropark.

Then, sadly, the colors faded away. Mother Nature also provided us with a fairly bad icestorm that knocked down what was left of the color.

And so closes another fall in Ohio! I’m glad I was able to squeeze in a little time here and there to get out and enjoy it! I hope you did as well!

Nikon F with Helios M44-2 lens on Kirkland Signature 200 film